Special Session Wraps Up After Three Days

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Governor Mike Beebe praising lawmakers for taking care of business in the special session.

And like that, the first special session to be held in the Old State House is adjourned. The house and senate wrapping up the three day session just after midnight.

Each passing bills dealing with skyrocketing teacher insurance rates and placing a temporary ban on monitor style lottery games.

While the governor admits those bills may be a short term fix, he believes the funding of additional prison beds will have a more lasting impact on the state's overcrowding issue.

"That is a long-term fix because it's ongoing money. It's not the total fix, because they need more than 600 beds and the prison population needs to stabilize," says Governor Beebe.

Also today, the state announcing the fiscal year came to an end with a $78 million budget surplus.

That leaves $180 million in the general improvement fund for the next governor and legislature next year.

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