Areas For Improvement Found in Statewide School Nurses Survey

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Members of a task force say they are still collecting data from the first ever statewide mandated survey of school nurses.

The Arkansas School Nurse Association presented preliminary findings Monday to current and future members of the general assembly in Little Rock.

Kathy Haynie with ASNA says recommendations include better pay for nurses and improved qualifications.

"It's not going to be one huge bill that we lump everything into it, we're going to have to start with small increments and build toward that," Haynie says.

Act 414 of 2013 required all school districts to respond.

Paula Smith with the Arkansas Department of Health says previous years approximately 75 school districts responded. This year all 247 responded.

"We just want to get a good picture of all the kids in our schools and all their needs," Smith says.

According to preliminary data, 22-percent of nurses surveyed reported not having a toilet in their working area and 12-percent reported no sink or running water.

A task force will present a final report of the survey to a joint education legislative committee in September.

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