Central Arkansas Water Warns ExxonMobil of Pending Lawsuit

Notice gives oil giant 60 days to comply with list of violations of the Pipeline Safety Act.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Central Arkansas Water (CAW) is warning ExxonMobil of a pending lawsuit.

CAW has notified the oil giant by letter (see attached) through its attorneys that it intends to file a citizen suit in 60 days pursuant to the Pipeline Safety Act if a list of six violations are not addressed.

The violations include:
  • Failure to maintain and implement an adequate integrity managament program for the portion of the pipeline within the Lake Maumelle watershed
  • Failure to select a pipeline assessment method capable of assessing seam integrity and determining the existence of hook cracks and other anomalies
  • Failure to change its integrity management program to respond to the results of the 2006 hydrotest and to continually evaluate the consequences of a failure in the Lake Maumelle watershed
  • Failure to take adequate measures to mitigate the consequences of a pipeline failure that could affect the Lake Maumelle watershed, including the failure to place a sufficient number of pipeline valves in the watershed
  • Failure to prepare and modify its oil response plans for the Lake Maumelle watershed to take into account that ExxonMobil began transporting diluted bitumen in the pipeline for the first time in 2006.
  • Failure to install adequate leak detection technology along the pipeline route capable of detecting releases in the watershed, and failure to create an emergency notification protocol providing for cross-platform monitoring by CAW's staff
The letter also states that CAW will seek an injunction to prevent restart or continued operation of the pipeline until ExxonMobil corrects the violations of the Pipeline Safety Act.
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