Monitor-Style Lottery Game under Review

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Lawmakers are expected to talk about monitor-style lottery games this week during a special called session.

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Commission director wants to use monitor gaming to increase lagging lotto sales.

The way it works is players pick numbers, and every four minutes the results flash up on a screen.

Some state legislators want to ban this style saying voters approved a "traditional" lottery in 2008 and this isn't it.

But, former Arkansas House Speaker -- Robbie Wills -- says it would benefit students by adding more than $3 million in scholarships every year.

Wills said, "In 2009, we wrote the bill with monitor games in mind. We wanted them to be able to do monitor games if they felt it was in the best interest of the lottery."

He also added, "And I can tell you that was discussed in committee when we heard the bill it was something talked about, the lottery commission has been looking at this for five years and they made a very thoughtful and well researched decision."

The special legislative session begins tomorrow afternoon and should wrap up on Wednesday.

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