Statehouse Convention Center Drunk Driver Sentenced

Published 03/17 2014 09:31PM

Updated 03/17 2014 10:13PM

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A judge sentences a man who drove drunk and crashed into the Statehouse Convention Center back in December.

24-year-old Phillip Troppoli  got about six months of supervised community service.

He's also ordered to pay a fine of more than $8000.

But even while his sentencing is complete, the damage he left behind is still very visible in downtown Little Rock.

To repair it, it will cost nearly $40,000.

The insurance on the building will cover the cost, but restitution to pay it back will likely be seeked.

Walking by the Statehouse Convention Center most people notice something that doesn't quite fit in.

One visitor told FOX 16, "It's an eyesore and it's sad it's connected to such a wonderful place."

Calvin Bibbs said, "It doesn't look good for your city. It makes it look unorganized and kind of trashy looking."

A judge sentenced Phillip Troppoli for doing the damage.

About three months ago, he crashed his car into the Convention Center after driving drunk.

One man walking by the damage said, "Maybe for his community service he could come and fix it."

The damage still isn't repaired because engineers say it's hard to match up the limestone.

Director of Engineering, at the Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau, 'Doc" Doolittle, said, "The hold up has been the limestone. The limestone quarry, that originally came from, has been closed."

After finding a close matching limestone though, the construction should begin in one week and finish up by next month.

Doolittle says he's just glad the building was the only thing the driver hit.

He said, "There could've easily been someone on that sidewalk and then the results would've been far worse."

Along with his community service and fines, Troppoli will take part in an alcohol recovery program and his drivers license is suspended.

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