Storm Causes Water Woes in Altheimer

Altheimer, AR - Tuesday night's storms in Jefferson County are still causing problems in the small town of Altheimer.

The storm knocked down trees and caused homes to lose electricity.  The mayor said because the city's water plant runs on electricity, running water was also out for several hours Wednesday.  By the time the water was turned back on, a boil order was put in place.

Gloria Cole of Altheimer said, "The water, like you said, we can't use it." 

But Mayor Donald Robinson had a plan.  With the help of Jefferson County and other donors, ten pallets of bottled water made its way to the steps of city hall.  

Mayor Robinson said, "The city realized that these are our people and we need to look out for them as best we can so we had some water donated."

Each family received at least two cases of water.

Eddie Withers picked up water for his family, he said, "It's a big blessing considering it's for my mother and father, they're old, can't get out, so just drinking water is a big blessing."

Cole added, "Most of us have a house full of children, and therefore with this water it's safer, just a whole lot safer.  We can give the children a bottle of water and tell them to hold on to it because we are only getting two cases."

The mayor didn't know when the boil order will be lifted.  

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