2 high school football players in comas; 3rd in critical condition

2 high school football players in comas; 3rd in critical condition

Family, friends, coaches and friends are praying for two high school football players to wake up from medical induced comas. A third player was rushed to the hospital today after succumbing to the heat.

Three Arkansas high school football players are in medical induced comas at Arkansas Children's Hospital after falling ill during football practice.

Sophomore Khiry Neal, a starting defensive tackle for Camden Fairview, began complaining of back pain last Friday. His condition worsened and a staph infection was discovered.

Lamar junior lineman Tyler Davenport collapsed from heat stroke at the end of practice Wednesday morning.

Both Neal and Davenport are on ventilators. Neal is in critical condition. Information on Davenport is not being released.

Will James, a junior offensive lineman for Pulaski Academy, was also rushed to the hospital around 4:15 p.m. Friday after succumbing to the heat during practice.

Doctors say, it's crucial that they regain consciousness.

Temperatures have been above 100 degrees everyday since football practice started two weeks ago. Doctors discourage anyone from doing anything outdoors during this intense heat.

Doctors say it's important athletes stay hydrated and listen to their bodies for signs and symptoms something is wrong.

It's also important for coaches to look out for these kids, watch for unusual behavior like confusion, dizziness or nausea.

Doctors say teenagers' brains aren't fully developed so they don't make rational decisions. That's why it's up to the adults to make decisions in their best interests.

"We've got to watch our children, teenagers are still children, and they need to be watched, and parents need to take an active role," says Dr. K Morgan with St. Vincent's Medical Center.

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