200 tenants displaced following Plaza Towers fire

200 tenants displaced following Plaza Towers fire

A massive apartment fire displaces hundreds of tenants who now say they have no place to go.

Tenants evacuated from their apartments in Monday night's Plaza Towers Apartments fire are working to collect any salvageable items as the building starts the lengthy clean-up process.

"We heard people screaming, 'Get out of the building! get out of the building!'" said tenant Katherine Calvert about the Monday night fire that left her with nothing but the clothes on her back.

200 tenants were evacuated during the three chaotic hours it took the Little Rock Fire Department to put out the flames. Now, the tenants have no where to go and no word on when they'll be allowed to return.

"I tried a couple of times to go down to the first floor and I couldn't," said Calvert on the amount of smoke throughout the entire building. "You couldn't see anything in front of your face."

"My daughter was panicking, coughing, they put her on machines because her pulse was low," said another tenant, Sharon Jackson.

The smoke is now cleared but the fire has left a cloud of confusion for the hundreds of displaced renters.

"When we coming back? Are we coming back? What do we need to do? Who is going to put us up?" said tenant John Johnson.

Johnson's apartment is just a few floors above the first floor apartment where Little Rock firefighters say the fire started.

"It was complete chaos," said Calvert. "No on knew what to do. We don't have anywhere to go."

As Henry Management starts barricading quarters to begin the lengthy clean up process, no one can give a direct answer on when the renters can return.

"We're probably put of here for a week, two weeks, who knows. I don't even think this is livable," said Jackson. "What's next for the people that have no where to go?"

"Everything is a maybe," said Johnson. "That's very disappointing to me."

MEMS took six people to various hospitals throughout the area during the fire last night. Five were treated and released while one remains at St. Vincent's in critical condition. Family members tell Fox16 that woman is the one renting the apartment where firefighters say the fire started.

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