3 Robberies, 2 Cities, 1 Unsolved Central Arkansas Crime

3 Robberies, 2 Cities, 1 Unsolved Central Arkansas Crime

Maumelle and North Little Rock Police are working together to find people responsible.
LITTLE ROCK, AR-- Two Central Arkansas police agencies believe a string of robberies in their respective cities are connected.

The first crime happened April 19 at Best Shot liquor store on Macarthur in North Little Rock. The robber, with a halloween mask and black clothing, walks inside with a laser-equipped handgun. He got away with about $300.

Then on May 11, North Little Rock police say the same store is robbed, but with an AK-47. The person had the same method, demands, and outfit. The thief got about $200 and an 18 pack of beer.

On May 16, at Waffle House on Highway 365 in Maumelle, another robbery using an AK-47 is reported. Cash is taken. But this time, police say a man and woman are involved.

The latest crime has some people worried,

"I think everyone has had a night or two at Waffle House. So it's scary to think about. It is hitting really close to home," said Jenna Hefner.

Also in each case, the suspects wore white gloves. No injuries are reported.
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