4 Arkansans aboard Costa Concordia return home

4 Arkansans aboard Costa Concordia return home

Four Central Arkansans aboard the Costa Concordia cruise ship that sank last week are back home.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Mark and Sarah Plath are back at home tonight after arriving at Little Rock National Airport Friday evening. They were two of the more than four thousand people on board the Costa Concordia, which crashed off the coast of Italy last weekend.

After several moments of panic, Mark decided he, his wife, and two other family members needed to jump off the quickly sinking ship.

"He made the call. I jumped and then he was right behind me and so were my brother and sister in law," said Sarah Plath.

They made it off safely without injury, returning home to Little Rock with only the clothes on their backs. As an unlikely souvenir, they also brought back the life vests that helped to save their lives.

"It's good to see everybody and hug everybody. It's good to be home," said Sarah Plath.

Now the couple has to replace all of their belongings and they are considering filing a lawsuit against the company.

"We had a meeting with the other Americans the day before we left the hotel. A lot of people get fired up about a lawsuit. That's not our personality. But it would be hard to hear someone else got money and we didn't because we didn't participate," said Mark Plath.

Sarah's brother, Justin Baines; and his wife, Liz, were also on the boat. They are back in Central Arkansas as well.
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