430/630 steel beams installed

430/630 steel beams installed

More changes to the I-430/630 interchange.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - More changes to the I-430/630 interchange.

Crews spent Sunday installing steel beams at the interchange. Most people dislike the congestion and lane closures and try to avoid the area altogether, but that is not the case with the Ostie's, who came out to watch the steel beams go in. "It's going to be wonderful when it's all finished."

While the construction causes congestion most drivers find annoying, the Ostie's say people shouldn't complain. "We have to give a little bit." The Ostie's find the construction work at the interchange entertaining. They say the signage is clear, and the only real headaches are the other drivers. "People stop and slow down just to see what's going on and if they'd just watch what they're doing and go straight ahead and take it easy, I don't see a problem at all."

The Ostie's can't avoid the interchange because of where they work and live, so they just leave a little earlier or stay a little later. "If we leave right at 5 o'clock it is congested so we leave around 5:45pm and when it's not that bad."

The Ostie's wish all drivers through the construction zone would do more to allow the crews to get their work done. "They speed too fast. If they all slow down and take it easy they could appreciate what's happening for them."

The project really is quite daunting and the careful work happening is impressive. "I think they've done a pretty good job under the circumstances. It's a big task."

The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department wishes other drivers would follow the Ostie's lead to pay attention, slow down and be cautious.

The contractor is working around-the-clock on this current phase of construction. Drivers should expect and be prepared to see workers at all times from now until this part of the project is complete in about 20 days.
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