5-Year-Old Hospitalized after Being Shot by Sibling

5-Year-Old Hospitalized after Being Shot by Sibling

Police say the children had been left inside a vehicle and found a pistol in the car's console.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A 5-year-old boy is in the emergency room after being shot by his sister.

The child was taken to the emergency room at a Little Rock hospital just before 5:00 Thursday evening.

Little Rock Police say a man picked up his girlfriend's 5-year-old nephew and 6-year-old niece from daycare.

At one point the couple got out of the car, and while they were away, the girl found a .32-caliber pistol in a console and took it out, according to police.

Police say as she was playing with the gun, it discharged and struck the boy in the ankle.

The couple heard the shot, ran back to the vehicle, then rushed the boy to the hospital.

Police say the man is a concealed-carry permit holder. The case has been turned over to the Prosecutor's Office for a review and could result in charges of endangering the welfare of a minor.
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