5-year-old fights crime instead of cancer for one day

5-year-old fights crime instead of cancer for one day

A five-year-old dealing with brain cancer covers his surgery scars with a mask and forgets about treatment for one day to become Batman.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Chaos is everywhere during a robbery at the bank and there's only one person who can stop it - Batman.

This Batman is not your conventional super hero. He's a five year old in a 15 dollar costume. It's not make believe - it's the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Every comic book character has a secret identity. Wednesday in North Little Rock, Batman was fighting crime. Every other day of the week, Batman's alterego, 5-year-old Joel Smith, fights brain cancer.

Joel's parents, Bobby and Amy, say becoming Batman for a day is the perfect with for their son. He acts like a super hero every time he's taken in for a new chemotherapy treatment, radiation or another MRI. Plus, his 3-year-old brother, Grant, makes the perfect sidekick and is always willing to jump in the Robin costume whenever Joel wants to play.

After taking down the Joker and Catwoman at North Little Rock's Centennial Bank, Batman climbed into a police squad car to make sure the super villains were transported to the jail without problem. The day is saved. Days that, for Joel and his family, are never taken for granted.

Joel is being monitored carefully while he undergoes a new treatment plan and has another MRI scheduled in August.
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