89yo Woman Loses $57k To Housing Contractor

89yo Woman Loses $57k To Housing Contractor

Woman has now filed a lawsuit.
LITTLE ROCK, AR-- An 89-year-old Central Arkansas woman files a lawsuit after she says a housing contractor took her $57,000.

Gretchen Madison now stays with her daughter in Cabot, but she wants to go back to her home of 49 years that had to be torn down because of mold.

"There was a slow leak under the house and that's what started the mold," said Madison.

So she hired Jacksonville contractor Marcus Dupree to start work on a new home. She says construction started off well until Dupree started missing deadlines.

"I can't believe people will outright lie," said Madison.

After several conversations, her son-in-law, Todd Parsley, got involved. Parsley says he thought Dupree would honor Madison's contract.

"I said 'I want you to treat this project as if you were building it for your mother.' I see now he must not care very much for his mother," said Parsley.

Madison has now filed a lawsuit.

In a phone conversation, Dupree told Fox16 the lawsuit is "erroneous and he looks forward to his day in court."
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