AR 6th Grade Teacher Terminated Over Pornographic Photos

AR 6th Grade Teacher Terminated Over Pornographic Photos

A Woodlawn elementary school teacher is fired after students report seeing pornographic images on her school-issued computer.
WOODLAWN, AR - An Woodlawn School District teacher lost her job Thursday evening after students reported seeing pornographic images on her computer.

District Superintendent Billy Williams recommended the school board terminate 6th grade teacher Kristi Record for having pornographic photos on her school issued desktop and iPad.

Angry parents say they went to school district and state board of education leaders asking them to investigate when their kids told them they saw pictures of naked ladies in Mrs. Record's class.

The superintendent says the first incident occurred in November 2012 when Record's husband reportedly called students over to check out nude pictures on her iPad during an after-school teaching session.

The second time he says Record admitted to stumbling upon the photos in class and deleting them, one by one. Parents argue she did not do enough to prevent students from seeing them.

"For a teacher to expose him to that when I try hard to keep him from that, it upsets me," a parent said outside of the meeting.

Record claims she doesn't know where the photos came from and she only discovered and deleted pictures of women in bikinis, not fully naked, pornographic images. But a district tech expert wiped her hard drive and found evidence of deleted graphic images there and in her Dropbox account.

Record confirmed she had possession of the computer for four years and the superintendent says she violated policy by allowing someone else to possibly access her school issued equipment and download the pictures.

The school board spent nearly three hours in executive session before voting to terminate Record.
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