AR National Guard searches field after Glasgow tip

AR National Guard searches field after Glasgow tip

The word of a convicted felon brings out the National Guard to search for John Glasgow.
LONOKE COUNTY, AR - The word of a convicted felon brings out the National Guard to search for John Glasgow.

John Brawner is currently in the Faulkner County jail and recently told investigators to look in a Lonoke County bean field for the body of the Little Rock business man.

It’s a high tech strategy trying to answer an almost four year old question, what happened to John Glasgow?

Ten Arkansas National Guard members searched a Lonoke county bean field off Highway 161 and Old Dirt Road west of England using ground penetrating radar, or GPR.

Brawner told investigators he helped bury Glasgow the night he disappeared January 28, 2008.

Rick Clubbs lives across the street from the search.

"It's definitely bizarre. And everybody up and down through here is wondering what's going on," Clubbs says. "I don't think he's buried out there, but he might be, so I hope they find him."

All the flags out in the field mean something. The National Guard soldiers doing the work say blue flags are less significant, red flags designate an area searchers want to look at more.

Typically equipment like this you'll see in foreign theaters, Iraq & Afghanistan to be able to detect land mines. But in soil, even land frequently tilled for crops, it can detect pockets of disturbed earth that could contain human remains.

"It's surprising and kind of shocking to think something like this could happen so close to your home," Clubbs says.

Clubbs says detectives dug out the same field last summer. He even captured a picture afterwards of what he said looked like two graves.

The National Guard finished their work today. The next step is for Little Rock police to get some additional equipment from the University of Arkansas Archeology Department that find anomalies in the soil. That's expected to happen next week.

Governor Mike Beebe authorized the National Guard to assist the Little Rock Police Department with this search.

A Pulaski County circuit judge declared Glasgow dead last year.

His brother Roger Glasgow tells FOX16 News he's skeptical this latest search will turn up anything but that the family remains hopeful.
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