ASU to play at War Memorial in future

ASU to play at War Memorial in future

Wednesday night, Arkansas State University Head Football Coach Gus Malzahn stopped by War Memorial Stadium.
Arkansas State University Head Football Coach Gus Malzahn stopped by War Memorial Stadium Wednesday. Many hoped the head Red Wolf would be making a big announcement about his team playing this year in Little Rock. While he said ASU won't play at War Memorial this year, he says he hope it happens in the future.

"This is what you dream about playing in this stadium. And, we definitely look to bring a game here to Little Rock," says Malzahn.

Despite no big announcement of playing at War Memorial Stadium in 2012, fans enthusiastically welcomed Malzahn on his "Head of State" road tour to Little Rock.

"When you get here and you see that Red Wolf on the fifty yardline, that's pretty attractive. And, like I said, this stadium is probably my favorite stadium in the country to coach in," he said.

The Red Wolves haven't played at War Memorial since 2006, and many hope they return especially with Little Rock losing the Razorback-LSU game to Fatetteville.

"I live in Little Rock for 20 years now and I think we're getting a huge statewide following especially in central Arkansas," says former ASU player Tim Langford.

Fans like Langford, who played for ASU in the 80s, say they'd love to see the Red Wolves play in the Capital City.

"I think someone sent me a picture of the Red Wolf at midfield today at War Memorial Stadium, I've been here so many times I've never seen a Red Wolf on the 50 yard line. That really got me excited," he says.

So the Red Wolves won't be playing at War Memorial Stadium this year, but representatives from both the stadium and university say it's a possibility for next year.

And, after making his tenth stop on his statewide tour Wednesday night, the coach is on his way to getting fans outside of northeast Arkansas pumped about the Red Wolves.

"So it's been fun for me and I really think the state's ready to support a Division 1 program," says Malzahn.

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