Alexander Treasurer Resigns

The City of Alexander no longer has a treasurer. Mayor Michelle Hobbs said JoAn Allen-Churchill resigned Monday afternoon.
LITTLE ROCK, AR – Citing dysfunction within the government of the City of Alexander, Treasurer JoAn Allen-Churchill resigned from her position Monday.

In a letter sent to Mayor Michelle Hobbs, Churchill said, “Because of the situation in the City of Alexander, the extreme ‘brokenness’ of the governing body, because there is no ordinance describing my duties and finally no apparent common ground to pass such an instrument, I hereby tender my resignation effective 2:00 PM, 3/18/2013.”

Hobbs confirmed that Churchill had resigned, but offered no further comment about the resignation. Hobbs says the city will work with the Municipal League to figure out how to proceed with treasurer duties until the position can be filled.

(h/t @bryantnews1)
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