Alexander Wreck Ends with Shots Ringing through Neighborhood

Alexander Wreck Ends with Shots Ringing through Neighborhood

An Alexander neighborhood is on high alert Saturday after gun shots broke the silence early afternoon. One person is in jail now but not before police say he caused quite the disturbance in this small town.
The neighborhood on 3rd Street just off Highway 111 in Alexander was buzzing with people wondering how and why what seemed to be a random car wreck ended with gun shots and one person in jail.

Just passed 1:00 Saturday (2/23) afternoon two gun shots rang out in the normally quiet neighborhood.

According to Alexander Police, Trenton Webb crashed into a car at a home on 3rd Street before the owner, Curtis Smith came outside.

"A disturbance ensued when Mr. Smith came out to see what had happened," Chief Horace Walters said. "Apparently Mr. Webb attempted to jump on Curtis Smith."

According to 13-year-old Caleb Imes, who lives across the street, the homeowner, Smith, fired two shots.

"We looked out and we seen the gun," Imes said. "Then we open the door and we just seen a truck over there and he was trying to get up but he kept falling down."

According to Chief Walters however, no one was shot.

"[Smith] never struck Trenton Webb. He shot into the ground in the front of Trenton Webb."

He confirmed neither person was sent to the hospital however there may have been minor injuries as witnesses showed there were blood stains on the ground where they say Webb fell trying to get away.

Webb now sits in the Saline County Jail arrested on charges of aggravated assault in addition to multiple warrants for his arrest out of Bryant including DWI, disorderly conduct and assault.

He said they have no reason to believe that these two men had any previous run-ins but wouldn't say whether this was a random occurrence.

The mother of the teenager that witnessed the shooting claims this incident speaks to the nature of today's society.

"I just hate that kids have to see this nowadays," she remarked. "It's ridiculous the world we live in. It's getting worse."
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