Alexander mayor resigns

Alexander mayor resigns

The voters recalled him, and as of Monday night, Paul Mitchell is no longer the Mayor of Alexander.
ALEXANDER, AR - The voters recalled him earlier this month, and as of Monday night, Paul Mitchell is no longer the Mayor of Alexander.

Mitchell resigned one minute before Monday night’s city council meeting, but since the acting mayor did not get information packets to council members on time, the council could only vacate the seat. Now the city has to wait to find out how it will choose its next mayor.

“We didn’t get a letter. I didn’t get a letter,” said acting Alexander Mayor Michelle Kidd.

“Once again we didn’t get nothing,” said a city council member.

"It’s right here,” said a city council member showing Kidd the letter.

As of 5:59 Monday night, Mitchell resigned. Mitchell resigned in writing before the recall election results get certified Wednesday when he would automatically be kicked out of office.

The Alexander City Council can decide whether to appoint someone to serve the rest of Mitchell’s term, or hold a special election, costing taxpayers thousands.

“What about this special election? They talked about it being really expensive. How much is the cost? Does anybody know?” asked one city council member.

“Six to ten-thousand dollars,” replied the attorney who works for the city.

“We don’t have that kind of money, so it’s gonna be an appointment,” said the same city council member.

“How do you all know? Nobody showed up at the special meeting last week to find out if you had it,” said Alexander resident, and future city council member, Juanita Wilson from her seat in the audience.

Right now, City Recorder Michelle Kidd sits in the mayor’s chair. She failed to get packets for the meeting to city council members. That meant the Municipal League would not allow the council to take action.

Jo An Churchill stepped up to get the packets done. She has lived in Alexander for ten years and thinks voters should choose the next mayor.

“They’ve done emergency things before and this is really an emergency,” says Churchill.

After the meeting, FOX16 asked the city council members if we could interview them. They all said no.

They could decide how to choose the next mayor at the next city council meeting December 17. Most of the city council members were voted out of office, but they could appoint the next mayor.
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