Alexis Ware: Former College Basketball Star Shares Life Lesson on Academics

Alexis Ware: Former College Basketball Star Shares Life Lesson on Academics

Students at Maumelle Middle School learn her first-hand account of why it's important to start hitting the books early.
MAUMELLE, AR - A former basketball player who learned the hard way is trying to send a message to students about making right choices early.

This is what used to get former Texas Tech University basketball player Alexis Ware fired up, especially her senior year when Tech beat the University of Texas in the Southwest Conference Tournament.

"It felt like a championship game," Ware says.

Now that she's helped put Tech on the map, Ware is on another road in life, helping students make the right choices academically.

"My first year in college I had to sit out. Even though I had a full basketball scholarship I had to sit out from playing because I didn't apply myself from an academic standpoint in junior high and high school," Ware explains.

Now, students at Maumelle Middle School have a chance to hear Ware's story and hopefully learn a valuable lesson.

"One of the consequences of making a poor decision in junior high and high school was to sit out, not play basketball and concentrate strictly on academics," she says,

Students like Grace Krebs get the message.

"It was a treat for me and what stuck out the most was when she said 'you can choose what you do, but you can't choose your consequences,'" says Krebs.

Charlotte Wallace, the principal at Maumelle Middle School, says bringing in speakers like Ware is needed, especially since teaching has changed.

"Hillary Clinton says it takes a village to raise children and I think it's very important that we all are in it together," Wallace says.

From the court, to the stage, Ware is in it for the long haul, making the choice ("It's a dream job," she says) to inspire young people.
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