America's Most Wanted featuring John Glasgow disappearance

America's Most Wanted is helping in the search for a Little Rock contractor. John Glasgow vanished nearly two years ago.
America's Most Wanted is helping in the search for a Little Rock contractor.  John Glasgow vanished nearly two years ago.  His family is hoping a national television audience can create a break in the case.

Roger Glasgow has spent the last 22 months looking for answers on what happened to his youngest brother John.  "We don't know the truth of the matter,” Glasgow says.  “That's what makes this so difficult." 

The chief financial officer for Little Rock contractor CDI vanished January 28th, 2008.  The only clue during the time was his car was found on Petit Jean Mountain in Conway County.

"It's much harder than if a loved one passed away for example because you would know what had happened to him,” Glasgow says.  “You'd have a funeral, you'd have people come by and pay their respects, have some closure at the end of it.  In this situation it's just a never-ending agony."

Now America's Most Wanted is featuring Glasgow on Saturday night's broadcast.  His family says he was under intense stress days before his disappearance.  At the time, Dillards owned half of CDI and Glasgow was working on reorganizing the other half.

“The family is certain he did not just leave on his own," Glasgow says.  "He took no money, he took no possessions and just disappeared into thin air."

When asked if he thought his brother was alive, Glasgow says, "You know I really don't.  We've thought about it, prayed about it, grieved over it.  I would sure hope so, but with this much time having gone by I just don't think so."

There's still a $100,000 reward for any information that can lead the family or authorities to find out what happened to John Glasgow.  As of now, it is not a criminal investigation, still characterized as an unsolved missing persons case.

An exhaustive search of the area around Petit Jean Mountain never turned up any sign of Glasgow.  His cell phone, computer and company credit cards were left behind in his vehicle.  There have been no sightings of Glasgow in the nearly two years since his disappearance.
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