Arkansas College Goes Green

Arkansas College Goes Green

John Brown reduces amount it puts in landfills
SILOAM SPRINGS, AR -College students are hitting the streets and heading home for summer vacation, packing what they can and throwing away what they can't.

But move out day at John Brown University in Siloam Springs is a little different this year as they are now a "Zero Land Fill" school. It means everything is either recycled, reused or incinerated and used as fuel.

Students are donating items that normally would be dumped so the University teamed up with the Salvation Army, placing huge recycle bins around dorms, so going green is easy for students.

"The trash bin or the waste bin that goes to be incinerated is actually across the parking lot. So what we're trying to do is say, you know what, this is we're trying to shape a culture that says it's actually easier to recycle and reuse than it is to throw things away," JBU, Vice President of Student Development said.

JBU has reduced their trash sent to the incinerator by 50 percent this year. They have successfully kept all waste out of landfills.
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