Arkansas House Speaker Pushes $150M in Tax Cuts

Arkansas House Speaker Pushes $150M in Tax Cuts

Tells Revenue and Tax Committee capital gains tax reduction is also on his wish list.
Arkansas Speaker of the House Davy Carter (R-Cabot) asked for $150 million in tax cuts Tuesday as part of a push to move the focus of the legislative session to the budget and addressing Medicaid.

Carter told the House Revenue and Tax Committee he would also like to see a capital gains tax reduction advanced as part of a discussion to expand Medicaid.

Carter told the committee more than $2 billion in tax cut bills have been filed so far.

"We don't have the resources for all the tax cut proposals," Carter told the committee.

Carter also briefly addressed two other committees Tuesday calling for lawmakers to continue their responsible work and to be ready to shift focus to Medicaid and budget issues.
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