Asa Hutchinson Officially Announces Gubernatorial Campaign

Former Congressman Asa Hutchinson has made his gubernatorial candidacy official.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Former Congressman Asa Hutchinson has made his gubernatorial candidacy official.

Hutchinson announced on Wednesday that he has completed the report on school safety as Director of the National School Shield Task Force and in doing so he officially begins his candidacy for governor in 2014.

While Hutchinson announced in January that he would run for governor, his focus at that time was completing his work for the National Rifle Association (NRA) on a new safety initiative.

The former congressman's campaign still received over $350,000 in campaign contributions before he was officially campaigning. 

"In January I publicly stated that I would be a candidate for Governor in 2014. Today, I make that candidacy official and will formally begin the campaign with active efforts in raising funds and appearances across the state," Hutchinson said in a news release issued Wednesday morning. "It was essential that I complete the national study and report on school safety, which was significantly shaped by the comments of Arkansas educators received during the last three months.  The report was released last week and now I am free to devote myself to the necessary fundraising efforts and looking to Arkansas’ future including the economic development challenges facing our state."

As the campaign proceeds I will focus on tax reform, quality of education, supporting our state agriculture and broad based economic development,” Hutchinson said.

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