Autistic twins win first ever family vacation

Autistic twins win first ever family vacation

Two ten-year-old twins are leaving on a trip they've waited their whole lives to take. Thanks to your votes in a national contest, Bryant natives Dylan and Darrin Horne are taking their first family vacation to Morgan's Wonderland - an amusement park built specifically for children with special needs.

Traveling is stressful for any family. For the Horne's, it's a battle.

"I want them to have these memories with us. I want them to see that there is more than just in our home and in our community and I want them to experience other things that typical kids get to experience," said mother, Erica Horne.

Fox16 first introduced you to Dylan and Darrin Horne in April when Dylan was nominated for a family trip to San Antonio's Morgan's Wonderland - the only amusement park in the country designed for children with special needs.

Thanks to your votes, Friday, the twins left on their first family vacation.

"I just think the plane ride, they're just going to love," said Erica. "When Darrin found out he was going in a plane, he said he wanted to go to the moon."

The ten-year-old twins have Autism. Dylan communicates through yelling and with help from his iPad so forgetting a charger or staying calm and quiet on a plane is not an option.

"I don't like for other people to get upset or offended or feel bothered by the twins. But yet at the same time I believe that is them. That is Autism. And everybody has the right to enjoy a family trip."

Four bags of medication, seven suitcases and one McDonalds stop later, Dylan leads the way into the airport. It may have taken some extra time and effort, but already, his first vacation is well worth it.

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