BBB Warns of Affordable Care Act Scam

Scammers now using the Affordable Care Act as an outlet to con you.
WEST LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Con artists are using the Affordable Care Act as an outlet to try to scam you.

The Better Business Bureau in Arkansas says many people around the country are falling victim to the new scam. No victims are reported in Arkansas, and officials want to keep it that way.

Scammers are calling people and offering them a health care card which doesn't exist, and in return, they're retrieving personal information.

"They're preying for that fear and confusion," said Mike Rohrer of the Arkansas BBB. "They are wanting to get something for nothing. They're wanting to get information to use for themselves or to sell it and make information on selling a fake identity."

The Better Business Bureau says the government will never call or email you. The government will only send out hard copy mail.
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