Bank Robbery Investigation At Simmons First Bank

Bank Robbery Investigation At Simmons First Bank

No arrests have been made in robbery
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Little Rock police investigate a robbery that happened at Simmons First Bank on Taylor Street around 1:30 Friday afternoon. Investigators say the man is around 5'8' or 5'10' and wore a white t-shirt and black hat.

Even though he told the teller he had a gun, he never showed one.

Chezare Romes works next door.

"It's ridiculous that people do stuff like that, its crazy ," said Romes.

The crime closed the bank for the rest of the day, turning customers, like Sharon McShann, around at the door.

"I mean this is a busy intersection, so somebody was quite bold," said McShann.

Police say the man also has shaggy hair. Even though he did get away with cash, no one was injured. But a lot of people in the community became concerned.

Mary Barzda has her own thoughts on how to fight future bank robberies.

"When the robber come in, they should kill him right away and then they will stop," said Barzda.

It is clear the bank takes security serious. It has postings telling customers to remove head coverings and sunglasses before walking inside.
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