Basketball players' property stolen during game

Basketball players' property stolen during game

Ten smartphones and more than $500 is stolen from Monticello High School basketball players from a Mills High School locker room during Tuesday night's basketball game.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - "It's somebody's job to watch out," said junior Austin Hopper.

After Tuesday night's loss against Mills High School, insult added to injury.

"It was like a tornado hit the place," said senior Brooks Jones. "Clothes were on the ground, our bags were all turned over."

The players are filing police reports after they say someone stole 10 phones and more than $500 stolen from the Mills High School locker room while the students played their game.

"When we're on the court we can't try to watch our stuff play basketball and do all this at one time," said Hopper. "It's just sad it happened."

"There was security everywhere," said teammate Will Greggs. "I don't know how it passed or how they got in."

Mills school officials apologize to the students and their families, adding the locker rooms are usually locked during games.

"I think the school should be responsible for locking up the locker room," said Hopper. "They just left it right open. It was open when we got there."

This isn't the first time this has happened to Hopper.

"It happened to me in junior high," he said. "I came in after a game and my phone was stolen."

That's why he downloaded the iPhone App, "Find my iPhone" - leading authorities straight to the 12 and 13-year-olds suspected of committing the crime. However, as far as consequences go, investigators say an iPhone App isn't enough evidence to press charges just yet.

"If there's no consequences for your actions, there's no reason for them to discontinue this actions," said Hopper's father, Terry Hopper.

The investigation is ongoing. Right now the Pulaski County Special School District believes the thieves got into the locker room through a back door propped open with a rock.
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