Bat found at Old Mill tests positive for rabies

A bat found at the Old Mill in North Little Rock tested positive for rabies Tuesday.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK--The Arkansas Department of Health confirms that a bat found in North Little Rock tested positive for the rabies virus.

Billy Grace, North Little Rock Animal Control Director says the bat was found on March 10th near the "Old Mill" on Lakeshore Drive. He adds this particular bat did have contact with at least one person. Grace says while it has not been confirmed that this person was bitten by the bat, post-exposure rabies vaccine is being administered as a precaution.

North Little Rock Animal Control strongly urges parents who live in the area to make sure their children have not had any contact with bats or other wildlife. Any person who has been exposed to rabies should seek immediate medical attention. Officials urge all citizens to refrain from handling any form of wildlife. Pet owners should keep all pets current with their rabies vaccinations.

The two most common carriers of the rabies virus in Arkansas are skunks and bats.
The most common symptom of this deadly virus is abnormal behavior. Anyone, who discovers a bat or other wild animal that displays odd behavior or appears to be sick, should notify their local animal control or law enforcement agency, or the Arkansas Department of Health.

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