Bed Bug Infested Home Forces Hot Springs Woman to Move

Bed Bug Infested Home Forces Hot Springs Woman to Move

A Hot Springs woman says bed bugs have taken over her home and are forcing her to move leaving everything behind. After moving there just over a week ago she claims she has no where else to go and fears she'll be homeless.
Jennifer Golden is bagging, packing and moving out of her Hot Springs home.

She says she's being forced to leave but only allowed to take certain things.

"If it can't fit in a bag or run in the dryer for 20-30 minutes it can't come with me."

Swollen red bites on her arms are evidence of what she says are bed bugs.

If her word's not enough take a walk through her home and you'll find the creatures roaming through her belongings.

"Everything I own is contaminated, she said. "Everything."

Doctors at the hospital advised her to get out and stay out.

"We were instructed not to return to the dwelling."

She just moved in the first of March.

"Four days later I was in the emergency room."

Golden's son, Lucas is helping her move everything they can into storage.

She explained, "The expense to this is going to be to no end."

Golden says her landlord knew about it and was lied to by the exterminator.

In fact, she says bed bugs are apparently rampant in her neighborhood. Just around the corner beds with the word bugs written on the top lie within a foot of the sidewalk.

"I have never in my life encountered something like this," she remarked. "It's so excruciating and itching."

The landlord has sent her a check reimbursing her for the deposit and rent she's already paid.

The losses from her belongings she says will amount to well more than that and more than she can afford.

As part of a reimbursement their landlord paid for a hotel but only through Monday. After that, Golden won't have a home. Adding to that, the one person that has been here to help, her son, is shipping off to basic training.

It's all pushed the emotional toll over the top.

"He don't even know where to write me a letter," Golden cried. "I won't see him for six months and he's leaving his mom homeless."
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