Beebe woman fights off attacker in her car

Beebe detectives are looking for a man who attacked a woman in her car Sunday night as she left a grocery store.
BEEBE, AR - Detectives are looking for a man who attacked a woman in her car Sunday night as she left a grocery store.

It's a trip Misty Goss makes all the time. After picking up a few items at the Knights grocery store Sunday night, she headed home on Pecan Street preparing for her Memorial Day meal.

"It's a road I travel all the time," Goss says.

But as she approached the stop sign at Pecan & Center: "I never saw anyone. I looked right and left. I had the windows down and this guy was just here," Goss says. "I was scared at first and then I got mad. And then I took my right hand to push his shoulder, just to push him out."

According to Goss, the attacker lunged for her wallet and then at her, leaving scratches all over her arm.

"Normally this street is busy, even at 10 o'clock at night, and there was not a soul around," Goss says.

As she struggled with her attacker Goss realized the one thing she needed, her cell phone, she had left behind at her house.

"Even if I had I wouldn't have had time to grab it, it was just that instantaneous," Goss says. "I kept pushing and kept hitting and I let my foot off the brake again and tried to control the car and turn it."

She says it felt like forever but Goss estimates after three minutes of fighting with her attacker, he finally fell out the car.

"I definitely think he got more than he bargained for, I don't think he expected me to put up a fight," Goss says.

A fight she believes kept her attacker from taking control.

Beebe Police have only a limited description of the suspect.

He’s described as a man in his late 20's, tall and skinny, wearing a gold watch and smelling strongly of gasoline.

Beebe police do not believe this attack is related to the one on two teenage girls earlier this year.
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