Beer And Wine May Be Sold at NLR Movie Theater

Beer And Wine May Be Sold at NLR Movie Theater

Leaders will discuss issue Monday.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Beer and wine could be coming soon to a theater in Central Arkansas. Managers at the McCain Mall Stadium 12 in North Little Rock, owned by Regal Cinemas, submitted the application earlier this month to Alcohol Beverage Control.

Mayor Joe Smith says he can't form an opinion yet on the application.

"I know there are other theaters that have restaurants and alcoholic beverages in them, but I would really like to see this plan before we give our stamp of approval on it," said Smith.

If approved, the application says managers will use the license for the 12-screen movie theater with concessions. The issue has supporters.

"I don't see a problem with it a long as you don't have a thousand kids and you are trying to get drunk, but if you are just trying to mellow out and watch a movie, then that's a different story," said Shanon Lewis.

The application also has opponents.

"That's not a great idea because we have too many kids coming in and out. So that's not a great idea and some of us don't know how to act with that stuff in our system," said Mary Reid.

The city council will talk about the issue at Monday's meeting.
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