Benton Alderman's son is missing, police formulate task force

The Benton Police are asking for help from other agencies, including the FBI, in the search for a city Alderman's missing son.

Joey Richards' father last saw his son at midnight, October 9th, at home, but Richards didn't show up for work in the morning.

"Usually , if he's gone for a couple of days, he calls every couple of days, day and a half," said Joe Lee Richards, Sr., a Benton Alderman.  "My health has been somewhat questionable and he calls me to check on me."

It's been three weeks since Richards saw his son, and he's still waiting for that phone call.

"We're not sure exactly what took place. It's just kind of odd circumstances surrounding it," said Lt. Kevin Russell with the Benton Police.

Joe Lee Richards, Jr.'s keys, cell phones, computer and wallet with photo ID were found inside his truck outside his father's house.  Days after his disappearance, his father looked inside the truck again and found the items in different places and the windows, that were rolled down, now up.

"In my opinion, somebody he knew came to the door, called him on the phone, he left with them with the intention of returning," said Richards, a former law enforcement officer.

Benton Police have boon looking for Richards for three weeks now, and with no new leads, they're formulating a task force and talking with the FBI in order to hopefully find some new infomation and move this investigation forward.

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