Bequette family has long Razorback history

Bequette family has long Razorback history

The Bequette family drive and determination on the field is said to be a family gift passed through generations.
"The journey for me has been unbelievable."

"From day one, it's been everything I hoped it would be and more."

Off the field, the 6”5, 271 pound Defensive End is a gentle giant.
But on the field, Jake Bequette is a fierce warrior with lightening speed - who's goal is to attack at all times.

Those close to him say his relentless drive and never ending competitiveness, both on and off the field, is a family gift passed down through the generations.

Most can be attributed to Jake's grandfather, George Jules Bequette.
George first donned the Razorback uniform back in 1954.
As a lineman, he was a member of the fabled 25 little pigs, a team that won the Southwest Conference.

"He was a beast,” Jake said. “All of his old teammates that I run into, they call him an animal and they always say ‘Jake, if you were half as tough as your grandfather, you'd be a heck of a player.’"

"He was not an X's and O's kind of guy or a technique guy. Really, it was more about preparation."

And not just for the next opponent, but for for the future. It was a lesson he taught both of his sons, Jay and Chris.

"Dad's thing there was to get the best degree you can as fast as you can,” Jay said. “I graduated in three in a half years. Chris graduated in three years.

And like their dad, they too played for the Razorback football team.
Jay was an all SWC center from 1979 to 1982. Chris was a lineman from 84 to 87.

"Chris was just a very strong leader and a tremendous worker. I mean he really worked hard. I think Jake is the same way."

It's a Bequette philosophy that has been tried and tested over the years: Have a strong work ethic and be a productive citizen.

"We've been really blessed going back to Dad, me and Chris and now Jake,” Jay said. “We've had great experiences in Fayetteville. All of us."

But there is one more goal Jake hopes to attain, and it's something no other Bequette has been able to do: Win the Cotton Bowl.

"Yeah, that's true. That's one think I would like to have some bragging rights about,” Jake said.

“But they just want to see me go out there and play hard, just like any other game. If I can walk off that field knowing that I gave it 100 percent, I'll be happy."

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