Brooks leaves LRSD quietly, Watson moves into superintendent job

Brooks leaves LRSD quietly, Watson moves into superintendent job

The Little Rock School District moves forward, officially ending the Roy Brooks era as superintendent.
The former superintendent, who had his contract bought out in May, received seven checks that added up to the buyout amount of $635,000 Thursday afternoon and then cleared out his office.

Brooks, 57, received a check for $350,000 for two years salary.  Another $193,000 went to pay his lawyers and the remainder went to the Arkansas Teacher Retirement system and Medicare.

He left the administration building after briefly shaking hands with office staff.

Brooks did not speak to reporters before leaving.

His seat was empty at the regularly scheduled board meeting Thursday evening and his name plate had been removed.  No board member made any public comment about his departure.

The board went into executive session to discuss the terms of the contract for interim superintendent Dr. Linda Watson.  During that time, a district employee took down Brooks framed photo from the board room.

Watson will start as interim superintendent on Friday morning.  Board president Katherine Mitchell says the district is looking forward to the new beginning.

"We're very anxious for Dr. Watson to start in this position and to move forward as we have just started our school year for '07-'08," Mitchell says.

The terms of the contract are consistent with previous superintendents including salary.  However, the exact terms of how much Watson will receieve has not been finalized.  She will be paid on a 10-month pro-rated basis.  Brooks annual salary was $198,000.  It's expected the pro-rated amount will be comprable.

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