Bryant woman unknowingly buys a former meth house

2106 Raintree Drive is somewhat on the market in Bryant. But there is one issue preventing it from being sold.
BRYANT, AR -- 2106 Raintree Drive is somewhat on the market in Bryant. But there is one issue preventing it from being sold.

The seller, Camilya Collins, bought the property with her daughter Kyri in 2010.

"We were really excited because it was a decent price in a really good neighborhood. Mills Park is right down the road," said Collins.

Even though Collins likes the 3-bedroom, 2-bath home, she decided to sell for financial reasons. Amazingly, she got an offer within two weeks of listing.

"They actually gave us full price for it," said Collins.

But the sale wasn't a slam dunk. The interested buyer just so happened to be a law enforcement officer.

"He ran a raid report on the house. I don't know why. But he just did it for his own reasons and found out the house had been raided," said Collins.

Collins says she got the police report and discovered the drug-related incident happened in March 2010, just months before she bought the home in November 2010.

The buyer told Collins "thanks but no thanks."

"He instantly pulled out," said Collins.

The worst news hadn't hit her just yet. She had an air quality test run and the results came back positive for meth-related chemicals. Bottom line, she unknowingly bought a former meth house.

"Now that I have tested it and found out all that I know, it is my responsibility as the homeowner to clean it," said Collins.

But it's going to cost as much as $30,000 to clean, which is a payment she can't afford.

Collins says she's called a lot of people for help, but no one has given her a clear answer.

So FOX16 made a couple of phone calls and found out the Arkansas Real Estate Commission investigates problems like Collins.

The agency's leadership says Collins just needs to fill out a complaint to the five-member board.

"We'll have an administrative hearing, if there is sufficient evidence and we have jurisdiction, the commission can levy sanctions up to revoking an individuals real estate license," said AREC deputy director Andrea Alford.

Since Collins can't live on the property, she is now at home again with her parents.

For info regarding the affects of meth, go here:
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