Bullet Holes Cover Homes and Cars After Random Shooting in Nearby Park

Bullet Holes Cover Homes and Cars After Random Shooting in Nearby Park

A Little Rock neighborhood is covered in bullet holes after police say someone randomly fired more than a dozen rounds while in a nearby park.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Gun fire sprayed all over Ruthie Sally's home; a place she's lived over 30 years.

"Probably scareder than I've ever been in my life," Sally recalled.

Little Rock Police confirm at least 16 rounds were fired in or around Cheatham Park Saturday (6/8) evening.

It happened in broad day light right across the street from Sally.

The sound of gun fire startled her and all she could think to do was get away from the outer walls and to her daughter and great grandchild.

"By the time I walked from my bedroom to my living room a shot hit my window," explained Sally. "That's what freaked me out. That's when I... I was really upset and started crying and I could hardly dial 9-1-1."

She was frightened, panicked and shaken.

"What do I do, where do I go? You just have to try to get your mind to conceive what's really happening. It's almost like it's make believe but yet you know it's real."

When the gun smoke settled she managed to make it outside.

"Even though I was frightened, I was just thankful that nobody was hurt," Sally remarked. "Nobody was killed."

Police say three individuals were walking when one started shooting a handgun randomly.

Authorities confirm bullets hit Sally's and her neighbor's home.

A shot right through the middle of a picture show's just how real it all was.

Despite this however, Sally says her sense of security in her neighborhood has not been compromised.

"I don't feel insecure," Sally insisted. "In fact, I'll still sit on my porch. I'm still gonna have a picnic in my yard on 4th of July. And I'm still gonna celebrate."

She says she's not going to let someone else's wickedness keep her from living her life. Ruthie Sally says she knows these kinds of things can happen anywhere at anytime but it doesn't bother her.
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