Cabot Police Dept. Hiring 10 New Officers

Cabot Police Dept. Hiring 10 New Officers

The Cabot Police Department is looking to hire several officers to help keep up with the growing population of the city.
CABOT, AR - The Cabot Police Department is looking to hire several officers to help keep up with the  growing population of the city.

10 positions are available. The department is offering a written test to applicant's April 11th at 6:00 p.m. in the City Annex Building. If you have submitted an application any time in the past 6 months (before the closing date of April 4, at 4:30 p.m.) you will be eligible for the exam. All eligible applicants will receive a letter reminding them of this test.
A similar testing opportunity in January only resulted in one new officer for the force. Sgt. Keith Graham says many of the applicants hid information in their background, and were not honest on the application. " They tend to lie about something or they've been arrested in the past and they don't think we're going to find out."

The department wants to hire good quality people, the best of the best. With a fast growing city like Cabot, the Mayor says it's a mystery why the department is having so much difficulty attracting quality applicants. "Our neighboring cities all around Central Arkansas are experiencing the same thing. What's contributing to that I really don't know."

Sgt. Graham says the department is just not getting enough qualified people to take the test. He says it could be the risk factor of the job. People might be fearful of putting their lives on the line every day. Sgt. Graham says being a police officer is a stressful job, but also rewarding. "It's helping people when they're in dire need, dire straights. They're looking to you for answers and for some sort of guidance, and when you can give that to them, no matter if you're recognized for it or not, it still makes you feel good." 

Mayor Bill Cypert says the City of Cabot has a lot to offer. "Great city to live in, a great city for kids with a good school system. You name it, we've got it."

Some of the perks of joining the Cabot Police Department include a starting entry level salary of $28,000 to $30,000 a year depending on experience, 15 days of paid vacation after the first year, 20 paid sick days and 11 paid holidays.
Applicants do not have to live in the City of Cabot to work for the police department, however those who do are allowed a take home vehicle.
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