California Man Surrenders in Saline County after Missing Plane Incident

Dennis Hunter, 40, faces charges of aggravated assault and fleeing.
BENTON, AR - A California man has turned himself in to Saline County officials four days after a missing plane incident made headlines.

Dennis Hunter, 40, of Rohnert Park, faces charges of aggravated assault and fleeing in the April Fool's Day incident.

Bond for Hunter was set at $150,000 this morning and he had bonded out by early afternoon. He's scheduled to appear in court next month.

The Saline County Sheriff's Office today released more details about what happened Monday night.

Their report says deputies were called to check an airplane that was headed to the Saline County Airport. As deputies arrived, they saw the plane had already landed and a man was filling it with gas.

When the man saw police he tossed the gas nozzle onto the rack, jumped into the plane and tried to start it while deputies yelled for him to stop.

After repeated tries, he got the plane started and went full throttle to take off before even reaching the runway, deputies said.

One deputy reported the plane's wing nearly hit him as it rolled away from the fuel pump, where a credit card slip with Hunter's name on it was found.

An internet search for Dennis Hunter in Rohnert Park, California shows Hunter was described as a "prominent Sonoma County businessman" in a 2010 newspaper article. It's not known what he was doing in Arkansas.

The airplane was found on a dirt road near Stuttgart hours after the Saline County take-off.
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