Chancellors speak in support of Little Rock Tech park

Three neighborhoods are still waiting to find out which location the Little Rock Technology Park board will choose, and residents are hoping to convince the chancellors to support them so they don't have to move.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - UALR chancellor Joel Anderson and UAMS chancellor Dan Rahn spoke in support of the Little Rock Technology Park Wednesday afternoon.

Both believe a technology park would be good for the community.

Residents in the three neighborhoods being considered for the proposed park hope to convince the chancellors to consider changing their plans and find a suitable location in a non-residential area so that people will not be pushed out of their homes. Rohn Muse is a member of the We Shall Not Be Moved Coalition. "A residential area is not a place to put a technology park when the people there don't want to move. We don't want to sell. We want to stay in our homes and have done nothing to deserve this sort of treatment."

Both chancellors say they support the work of the Little Rock Technology Park board and hope the residents concerns can be dealt with, but at the same, time they look forward to the economic development opportunities the proposed technology park will bring to the research partners.

Rahn says, "Individuals and families should not be harmed as a consequence of this initiative." Anderson agrees, "It's essential that these persons not bear a disproportionate or undue hardship because of this project."

"I still think there's a glimmer of hope on their part that we will suddenly agree this is a good thing,” Rohn Muse of the We Shall Not Be Moved Coalition said. “’Yeah, go ahead and take my home,’ but that's not going to happen."

Daniel Hopwood is a homeowner in one of the possible locations being considered. "I was really disappointed they were more concerned with the time element and getting home for supper than they were with the human element of us who stand to lose our homes and could really be financially destroyed by this act."
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