Church destroyed but memories stay standing

The church stood for more than 150 years, a century and a half.
KINGSLAND TOWNSHIP, AR - The church stood for more than 150 years, a century and a half.

"I can still smell the smell of the church,” Preacher Harry Puterbaugh said. "It means a lot to a whole lot of people, because this is a touch with our history, with our heritage."

Since around 1950, the church has been home to just one service a year. Typically, Puterbaugh is the preacher.

His grandparents are buried in this cemetery next door, and Puterbaugh helped with repair on the church about three years ago. The repairs included a new roof, a new paint job, and a new outhouse, because the church doesn't have power or water.

"Just go in, you would be taken with what history was here," Puterbaugh said.

But now, because of the tornadoes, history has been rewritten. The church collapsed, homes in nearby Fordyce are destroyed, Entergy crews continue working on the lines, and the National Weather Service continues investigating the storm that caused so much destruction.

But in the storms wake, leave it to a preacher to find the silver lining. In this case, that silver lining is the three year old outhouse.

"The price we paid for it, we thought was a little high, but we now feel like we have got our money's worth out of it, because it's the only thing left standing.”
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