City agrees to pay $100,500 in racial profiling settlement

City agrees to pay $100,500 in racial profiling settlement

The city of Alexander agreed to pay more than $100,000 in a racial profiling settlement. Now the question of how is raised.
“You can't racially profile and when you do and end up in court, someone's going to have to pay," says Alexander Alderman Paul Mitchell.

Right now, the question is how the city will pay the $100,000 the city council agreed to settle a racial profiling lawsuit.

"I think if I understand right, that John Wilkerson, the Municipal League attorney for the city, is going to have to get back with the plaintiff’s attorney and try to work out one way or another how the city can pay that amount of money because we really don't know yet," says Mitchell.

Mitchell says because of the budget situation the city is in, it will likely come down to making budget cuts and getting a loan. This all stems from a federal judge finding Assistant Police Chief Tommy Leath, a patrol officer at the time, had racially profiled Hispanics and that the chief and mayor knew about it but didn't do anything.

"The two employees should've already been fired, should've already lost their jobs. The mayor should've resigned her position also," says Mitchell.

We went to the Mayor Shirley Johnson's house to talk to her about this story, but no one answered.

"We're having to pay, but somebody else has to pay also," says Mitchell.

The next regularly scheduled city council meeting is April 19th.
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