City of Conway Looks in to Public Transportation Plan

City of Conway Looks in to Public Transportation Plan

Eight cities in Arkansas use a public transit system and Conway is not one of them.
CONWAY, AR - Memorial Day doesn't seem to slow business for for Henson's Island Snow. Some customers are willing to drive across Conway to cool off with one of their sno-cones.

Driving though is the only way they're getting there, for now.

The City of Conway will revisit the idea of a public transportation system at Tuesday's (5/28) council meeting.

"Coming to this stand would have been really convenient," remarked Kayti Haynes, who's worked there for two years.

Outside of customers using a bus to satisfy their sweet tooth, some like the idea of having a system in place especially in a college town.

UCA student, Mariel Spicer said, "That would be perfect because I know there are a lot of students on campus that don't have their own car."

The City of Conway has a plan in place that they completed over 3 years ago. It's a 191 page study with possible bus routes and how much it would cost but they've never acted on it.

Not everyone however, likes the taste the idea of public transit leaves in their mouth.

"It's gonna be a big money pit," said Darrin Roland. "Even though there's some money available out there it's not going to cover 100 percent of the cost."

The city is actually allocated more than $850,000 a year for transit use but they've never used it. Some say now is not the time to start.

The city says starting from scratch could cost anywhere from one to two million dollars.

Roland added, "I don't think Conway's big enough to support anything like that."

For a place like Henson's Island Snow however, a bus route may just allow more folks to make it across town.

"I think it'd make Conway a better place," Haynes said. "With all the new roadwork they're doing in Conway, you'd think that something that would actually benefit the city would be first priority."

The topic will come up in Tuesday's (5/28) city council meeting. The city's Chief of Staff, Jack Bell says it likely won't have enough support to move forward this time as they try to gain financial foothold but it will happen at some point.
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