City of Rockport Owes Back-Taxes to the IRS

City of Rockport Owes Back-Taxes to the IRS

A lien is in affect on all city property in the Hot Spring County community until the large tax bill is paid.
Notice of IRS Lien Against City of Rockport
Notice of IRS Lien Against City of Rockport

ROCKPORT, AR- A Notice of a Federal Tax Lien has been received by the Hot Spring County Circuit Clerk on April 5th.

Delinquent taxes have been assessed against the city of Rockport amounting to an unpaid balance of $143,945.53.

Another notice of lien was received later in April for the year 2007, concerning a tax bill of 25,487.41 from that year.

There is a lien on all city property and rights to that property for the amount of those taxes.

According to Mayor Darryl Hughes, this is as a result of a mixup in their 941 tax papers.

Hughes says it boils down to a problem with payroll taxes.

The city was under the impression, according to the Mayor, that the tax was to be paid every quarter.

In fact, the payment is due every two weeks.

The discrepancies date back to 2007.

A tax attorney has been hired by the city of Rockport to assist with the correction.

Last week, Rockport made a payment of $60,000.00

City officials say they are working with the attorney to see what needs to be done moving forward.

Mayor Hughes says this will not affect the residents of Rockport.

Normal city operations including the operations of the police department, and city hall are not expected to be impacted, says Hughes.

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