Civil Rights Investigator Watching Officer-Involved Shooting Case

Civil Rights Investigator Watching Officer-Involved Shooting Case

Investigator says he wants to make sure LRPD followed police.
LITTLE ROCK, AR-- One Little Rock man promises to take a careful look at the investigation surrounding Monday's officer-involved shooting in Little Rock.

Civil rights investigator Rizelle Aaron is requesting the files surrounding the death of  26-year-old Deon Williams, who was shot and killed by police after running from officers.

"Usually when I get all the records, I have a chance to review them to make sure there is nothing the internal affairs may have missed before sending the file to the prosecutors office," said Aaron.

Aaron says he understands why the crowd's demands were so passionate. Monday's case on 12th and Jefferson is the third officer involved shooting this year.

"Anytime anybody is shot by police, we have to be concerned whether or not it was justified," said Aaron. 

Aaron commends Chief Stuart Thomas' actions controlling the crowd.

"It could have been worse had not an effort been made to calm things down. I think the way Chief Stuart handled it, I think it was appropriate," said Aaron.

Aaron also works with the newly formed group Arkansans for Human Civil Rights.
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