Conway murder suspect missing

Conway murder suspect missing

A murder suspect from Conway is missing. He was a no-show at a pre-trial hearing this morning.
There's blood outside Karon Mohammed's conway apartment, but no Karon Mohammed. He's a murder suspect in a case out of Hot Springs and had a hearing today, but before that, someone from the apartment called 911.

"Conway Police Department.”

“I just heard a strange sound coming in my apartment. Can you please send a patrol unit?"

After requesting the patrol unit, the caller said he'd investigate, but then – "Whoa!”

“What's your address again, sir?"

The 911 caller never picked back up, and Mohammed never showed up for court. That came as a surprise to his attorney, Frank Shaw.

"How big of a surprise was this to me? I was floored,” Shaw said. “I did not expect this at all."

And now, Shaw just wants Mohammed back safely.

"To be honest with you, I'm confused at this point,” Shaw said. “I don't know exactly what happened to him. I hope he's safe and when he's returned then we'll still have this trial to deal with. This will not go away."

As for investigators, they know Mohammed missed his court date, but right now they're investigating this as a missing persons case.

"That is in the back of their minds that this young man possibly did not want to go for a pretrial hearing but we can't look at it like that at this point," LaTresha Woodruff of the Conway Police Department said.
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