Copper Thieves Target Rental Homes

Copper Thieves Target Rental Homes

Copper thieves steal from North Little Rock rental homes.
North Little Rock, AR_ Copper thieves are now targeting a woman who owns rental homes in North Little Rock.

Helen Brents says she's doing everything she can to protect her property, but still it's not enough. So, she may take matters into her own hands.

Thieves stole three of Brent's air condition units at a rental home on Blossom.
They also broke into a utility room.

 "So, then you come in and all my cooper everything is gone," Brents said. 

While criminals don't necessarily care who they're robbing, one of the stolen AC units was attached to the rental home of an elderly woman.
"I mean it's pitiful," a neighbor said.

Even with a $500 fence surrounding the AC unit thieves still broke inside.

Neighbors say thieves stole AC units from 19 homes in recent weeks.

Brents attends crime watch meetings and uses the recommended police safety tips. She still feels she's a target. So, she's taking matters into her own hands.

"Yes, I am packing heat I do carry a gun," Brents said.

Brents says locks and fences just aren't cutting it anymore. And she's sick and tired of being the victim.

Brents owns more than 50 properties in North Little Rock.  She says at some of those properties, she plans to weld her AC units into concrete.

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