Crime Tracker: High-tech security

Crime Tracker: High-tech security

Take a look at a high-tech security system that, if you can afford it, will stop most criminals before they even get to your window or door.
Take just one step anywhere on this property, and the homeowner will know immediately.

"I've got every entry point, every door point covered by a camera."

Dennis Stricklin owns Best Security and his house is like a mini-Fort Knox.

What looks like a simple computer is actually a high-tech security system. Wired to it are seven exterior cameras that feed information into a DVR that records everything.

What a would-be thief doesn't know is that all seven cameras are infra-red, and run non-stop 24/7.

“And each one has a built in motion detector," Stricklin said. "So once there's any kind of movement, the cameras automatically start recording, capturing a suspects every single move."

And if the alarm is triggered, Stricklin can access the images from anywhere in the world.

He's well protected outside – but what about inside?

"This is a very simple alarm system, but a very effective alarm system."

This home security system monitors all doors and windows, and can be activated with one simple button.

"When I hit that button, the alarm goes in to 'instant' mode, meaning the second the door opens," both the monitoring center and police are alerted in a matter of seconds.

"This does everything you need it to do," Stricklin said.

Bells and whistles, both inside and out, keeping burglars away and preserving the one thing money and insurance can't replace: your peace of mind.

If you're wondering how much the high-tech system costs, Stricklin says between three and four thousand dollars, but it can vary depending on the number of cameras.

As for the basic home security system, that can run between three and four hundred for installation, plus a monthly monitoring fee.
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