Deadly Plane Crash Brings Back Painful Memories

Deadly Plane Crash Brings Back Painful Memories

LITTLE ROCK, AR_ The deadly plane crash in California brought back painful memories for a Little Rock woman in a similar crash.
LITTLE ROCK, AR- Images of flight 214's crash in San Francisco Saturday are hard for anyone to watch, but undoubtedly more so when you yourself have gone through one.

"Just looking at that plane," said Lisa Rowe. "I didn't know what happened I was sitting at subway and I looked up and was like oh my goodness."

Two people lost their lives in that crash, dozens of others injured.

Even those who walk away, Rowe said people like her, are forever scarred.

"You don't understand it unless you were there," she said.

On June 1st 1999, Rowe was on flight 1420 into Little Rock coming back from vacation.

"We landed, but we never stopped," she said.

11 people lost their lives in that crash. For those lucky enough to live, survivors guilt set in.

"I often wonder, why the lord chose to take those young people with so much to offer in life and leave an old lady like me," she said.

Pictures of the victim's are etched on walls near the runway at Little Rock airport where they died.

A memorial for the survivors just as much as those who are gone.

Something Lisa said helps, the survivors of her flight stay in touch with each other.
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